Our Mission Statement...

Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to aid stray, abandoned, and neglected animals.  To date, over 2,500 dogs and cats have been rescued and placed into wonderful homes in the past few years. 

In order to provide these services, we work with the community shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals who have animals with special needs and place these animals in permanent homes after they reach a stage of wellness. 

Many of our rescued animals, especially those that were rescued from the shelters initially had kennel cough, pneumonia, or giardia with the extreme cases having the parvo or distemper viruses. 

We rely on tax deductible money donations as well as food and other pet supplies that will allow us to continue to save lives! 

All of our companion pets have been neutered or spayed and given all current vaccinations. This also provides the community with healthier animals and aids in the reduction of the outspread of illness and future homeless offspring.

WE ARE NOT A SHELTER, most of the animals listed here are either in foster care, or at a dog boarding facility, or still at an animal shelter and posted on our site as a courtesy posting only.

The adoption fee for animals being adopted by SIAR can range from $75 -$100 (for kitties) and $150-$400 (for dogs) and depends on the animal and associated costs. The adoption fee helps up recuperate the thousands of dollars spent yearly on rehabilitation and allows us to continue to rescue animals in need.

SIAR thanks Sylvan Corners Pet Hospital for their ongoing support - without them we could not continue rescuing!
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